Magic Compass

Magic Compass series products target to give users a complete new experience with their Android devices. It is not a group of apps but an adventure of searching over a long period. It brings fun to real life from the virtual and legendary worlds through the full use of the technologies that come with the mobile devices.

Finally, the Magic objects and the Magic Forest are now ready for exploration.

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1) Magic Compass Zero and Magic Compass for Adventure

  • The mysterious compasses is powered by the future technology which is no touch no voice control.
  • Fun to try the “point to what you think” magic power
Magic Compass Zero
Magic Compass for Adventure

2) Invisible Notes

  • A simple quiz to solve

3) The Magic Forest

  • A 3D forest view together with the device sensors that allow explorers feel a real forest exploration.

4) Magic Gourd

  • Capture target to its internal after calling the name

5) Map Bee

  • Help to identify the current location on the map. A solution to the mysterious border-less Forest.